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Afternoon tea sandwiches – is traditional always the best option?

Having eaten quite a few afternoon teas as well as served lots to family and friends I think I need to work harder on making the sandwiches stand out and appeal more. A lot of thought and time tends to go into making the perfect cake, patisserie and scone but less time is given to the humble sandwich. Egg mayo, cucumber, ham and smoked salmon are classic and exquisite when made correctly (good bread, right amount of butter, good produce, freshly made and cut to the right size) but these combinations and choices are found in hundreds of different cafes and afternoon tea establishments across the country so isn’t it about time we gave the modest sandwich a chance to be elevated?

I don’t want to alienate the traditionalists but I would like to offer something a bit different at my afternoon tea parties. Perhaps the choice of traditional sandwiches alongside new flavour combinations would hit the right note. Say smoked salmon combined with wasabi as served at the Connaught, London and tested out by ‘From Donuts to Delirium’ or prosciutto with fig.

So what do afternoon tea aficionados think, should we stick to the well made classic or should we look at being more creative when offering sandwiches?


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  1. Be more creative I would say, but keeping the same traditional options on offer at the same time. This will add to your creative skills, and keep customers coming back for more.

  2. I love Mediterranean-themed sandwiches: feta, tomatoes, and black olives, with a sprinkle of oregano and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on crusty bread. Or, how about mozzeralla with tomatoes (or sun-dried tomatoes) and fresh basil, on ciabatta or parmesan and sundried tomato bread. Stars in their own right. Mmmm…

  3. Thanks for your comments – feeling inspired so look out for some new flavour combos at the next afternoon tea events.


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