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First event at Cafe Nouveau at Home

After the snow and ice managed to forestall my first attempts at opening up Cafe Nouveau in 2010 I took the risk that the bad weather wouldn’t return in January and I finally managed to open my underground tearoom doors on Saturday afternoon.

Seven lovely people (and one in spirit who paid but couldn’t attend) paid to spend a few hours eating, drinking and socialising in my dining room. I knew some of them, including my mum and two friends, but they all brought someone I didn’t know and I even had a guest who booked from seeing a comment I had posted on Bakelady’s blog site.

The majority of my guests had never been to an underground tearoom or restaurant, or had heard about them so it was as new an experience for them as it was for me. But the love of tea, cakes, food and an interest in trying out new things is what we all have in common. And it’s true a group of strangers can become friends for an afternoon!

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  1. Cynthia Aspinall

    What a lovely way to spend a rainy, windy Saturday afternoon.
    Good to be able to eat which sandwiches and cakes you fancied, not the ones served to you, which is the case in most cafes. The sandwiches were absolutely delicious and the scones were wonderful.
    I look foward to the next event.


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