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Getting ready for afternoon tea

I’m mid way through preparing for Saturday’s afternoon tea at Cafe Nouveau. Not only does this involve buying ingredients, testing/tweaking recipes, getting china and linen ready it also means cleaning, tidying and sorting. Unfortunately my husband are I are too alike which tends to create problems – we both hoard things, we have too many possessions (probably due to not meeting until our early 30s), we don’t put things away and we create clutter. This means that instead of just preparing the food and the table we always spend ages sorting things out aka dumping them in the spare room! And each time I do an event at home I promise myself it’ll be different next time!

I try and blame it on the fact that there isn’t enough storage, that we’ve only just moved in but my genes tell me different. My parent’s two bedroom bungalow groans under the weight of the books, fossils, china, and anything vintage. But on the brightside it does mean that I have enough china, cake forks and knives, linen tablecloths and napkins to serve nearly 100 people. And don’t worry when my home is transformed in Cafe Nouveau guests are welcomed into a very uncluttered, tidy venue!

Unfortunately I think the days prior to my afternoon tea events are always going to be busy ones!


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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I take some armchairs upstairs and bring out table chairs from under the stairs. The Gent puts up the table in the front room for guests and rearranges the comfy sofas, whilst I finish off setting the table in the other room. I shall be starting up again myself very soon after the Winter Break.
    Looking forward to coming along on Saturday.

  2. I have to cart everything up and down 3 flights of stairs…as my box room is on the top floor haha!…And out to the car….into the venue…. then in reverse… It’s great for the stamina and arm muscles! xx


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