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Giving up the supermarkets

I have been inspired today to do something a bit different for Lent. Having been brought up a Catholic, Lent is always one of those traditions that I keep. Normally I give up alcohol or crisps or even both. But one simple tweet this morning set the bar a bit higher.

“All of you out there, give up supermarket shopping for lent! Support your local shops! Keep the high street alive!” by The Phoenix Baker.

Never one to be afraid of a challenge, this seems a good way to see how difficult or easy it is to give up the addiction of the supermarket.

Working in Huddersfield town centre means that I have easy access to Queensgate market and the Open Market for fruit and veg. Where we live there are bakeries, butchers, a large independent convenience store and even a cake decorating shop for my sugarpaste. But we have a mini Sainsbury 2 minutes away and I work opposite a large one so temptation isn’t far away.

I think it’s going to be a challenge to give up supermarkets for 40 days and I’m already worrying about where I can buy cat litter and cat food … pet supermarkets count?


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  1. Nice idea, not sure If I could manage it though, very few local shops around here, unless I got in the car and travelled to next town. We have 4 supermarkets all within easy reach. But we do have a butcher and a 2 bakers which we use from time to time. Nice cat.

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