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Shopping locally

So it’s 12 days in which means I am nearly a third of the way through my Lent challenge to shop locally and avoid the supermarkets until Easter Sunday.

The things that I’m learning are that you need to get to know what shops/markets you have locally, what they stock and which ones are the best. And yes, all of this takes time, which I appreciate most people don’t have that much. But actually this has only taken a few days of investigating and as a result the food shopping has been fairly easy, more enjoyable and most importantly cheaper. I have been using a mix of markets stalls, farmer’s markets, farmshops and local independent butchers, bakers etc. There is a great variety of produce and some great bargains.

What I am finding harder is the non-food stuff like pet food (ours cats only eat Iams) and my baking ingredients. There’s a great stall in the market that sells Longley’s Jersey butter for £1.15 for 250g which is actually cheaper than butter in most supermarkets and the eggs from the markets are way cheaper but finding 70% dark chocolate, vanilla extract and ground almonds is a bit too much of a challenge. And I did in fact cheat today and visit the Co-op for a few of my baking essentials that I was always seem to run out of at the same time.

But I promise that’s the only reason I will be visiting a supermarket.


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