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Cleckheaton Farmer’s Market

Before I start I think I should mention that I been trying to write this post for the last month but it’s actually quite timely as the next market is this Saturday – hopefully this will inspire you to pop along if you haven’t been already or to re-visit if you’ve not been for a while.

As part of my giving up supermarkets for Lent I had to find alternative shopping habits for 40 days and luckily in Kirklees, as well as the local markets, we have two farmer’s markets in Cleckheaton and Holmfirth that take place monthly. (For the non religious types Lent finished on Easter Sunday so I’m officially allowed back in the big shops but that will be another blog post!)

Cleckheaton Farmer’s Market takes place on the first Saturday of the month in St John’s Car Park which is in the centre of the town. I actually prefer it to Holmfirth as all the stalls are all in one place and it seems to have nicer to feel to it. Although as it’s outside you are occasionally affected by the weather.

I’ve been going to the market off and on for the last year but have become more a regular these last few months and I think the array of stalls is getting much better. The egg stall is great and includes a bit of variety of eggs including duck eggs and quail eggs but as I baker I’m interested in the price and a dozen freshly laid eggs for £1.60 is definitely a bargain.

There’s always at least one veg stall with vegetables straight from the ground and at the last one I got some nice bluebell plants which made a more unusual Mother’s Day gift.

You can also buy meat including venison, fish, cheese, bread, cakes, biscuits, pies and condiments but for me the gem is the mushroom stall. I think the photo below can do it more justice than my words. The stall holders are extremely friendly, always offer samples of the amazing variety of mushrooms from their portable frying pan and they are full of useful advice about eating and preparing the mushrooms.

The next one takes place this Saturday between 9am and 1pm – you may see me hanging around the mushroom stall.



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  1. Hey – are they autumn harvest mushrooms? They come to Sheffield markets too. I love those guys and their gourmet mixes. Delicious!


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