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Tea Box Tea Masterclass

I’d come across Tea Box via twitter in the summer and heard good things about their tea so when I saw that they were doing a tea masterclass I couldn’t resist. Luckily for me the class was scheduled to take place during half-term week which meant hopefully the journey from Huddersfield to Sheffield during the rush hour wouldn’t be too bad and that my husband could come along (yes he’s a teacher and won’t normally go out on a school night!)

We arrived right on time and squeezed ourselves onto a table with two lovely ladies from Sheffield. The event started with afternoon tea – finger sandwiches, scones and macarons. As the event was hosted at the original Fancie shop just off Hunters Bar we also got to try their famous cupcakes. And of course there was a few cups of tea to wash it all down with – guests could chose between Earl Grey and white tea. Not being big fans of Earl Grey both my husband and I opted for the white tea.

Kirsty, who owns Tea Box, then gave us a brief history of tea and how it is made and talked about the main types of tea – green, black, oolong and white.

Then the interesting part began, the tea tasting. Kirsty gave us a tasting sheet for us to complete with our thoughts and descriptions, and we got to sniff and slurp 11 different teas and infusions. There were quite a few unusual infusions and I was pleasantly surprised by how now nice some of them were.

It was also interesting to compare the leaves before they were brewed and after – you can really see the big leaves and flowers after the water has been added.

Of all the ones we tried my favourites were Chinese Jasmine Silver Needle white tea – a pale golden, floral tea that isn’t at all overpowering; Masala Chai which smells of cinnamon but tastes of orange and vanilla; and Fatigue Fighter, a white tea with ginger, lemongrass and ginkgo. Tummy Rub (peppermint, fennel, liquorice and chamomile) and Indian Assam Black were my husband’s favourites.

A really nice evening, some lovely teas and there will definitely be an order for tea for my underground tearoom, Cafe Nouveau at Home. It was also lovely to meet Kirsty too and we managed to find time to talk about our idea for a National Tea Day – watch this space!

About Tea Box
TeaBox started in 2010 by tea lover Kirsty Munro and is a loose leaf tea business based in Sheffield. Their aim is to constantly evolve their tea offering, embracing traditional tea tasting values as well as innovative ‘outside the box’ flavours and combinations. Quality is of the utmost importance to them and to ensure the highest standards, all of the tea is packed and blended by hand. Visit their website to find out more about their range of teas.


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