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Apples and more apples

Yesterday was a bit like an episode from the BBC’s new British Food Revival programme as we spent the day paying homage to the English apple.

It started in the morning with Bramley apples. I was given a bag full a week ago and I have been trying lots of recipes from the Bramley apple website. I decided to try out the apple and walnut scone recipe and soon had willing volunteers to test them. (My parents have a knack of turning up just when something is coming out of the oven.)

Considering both my parents and husband think that a scone isn’t a scone if it doesn’t contain sultanas, they were all quite impressed with the taste.

Apple and walnut scones

The next part of the apple day was to go out foraging.  If you live in Huddersfield and want to know where you can go and pick apples follow ‘Udders Orchard Cider on twitter. Thanks to his tip off we found a tree a few streets away and managed to collect half a bag full.

Foraged apples

The purpose of the apple collecting was to have a go at apple pressing which was taking place at the Shepherd’s Boy in Dewsbury as part of their Beer, Cider and Perry Festival. To celebrate cider, Dave from ’Udders Orchard, was doing live demonstrations of the traditional method used to press apples for cider-making.

Dave from 'Udders Orchard at his press

Our little bag of apples wasn’t quite enough for a whole press of apples but a lovely local man, Malcolm, soon turned up with a big box straight from his apple trees in his garden. (His honey, from the bees that pollenate his apple trees, is also worth a mention and we were lucky enough to get a jar to take home.)

Malcolm the apple and honey man

Then the fun began. We sorted, washed, chopped and pressed the apples and soon had a lovely reddish brown glass of juice that tasted amazing – sweet, slightly tart and so fresh.

Sorting the apples before washing them

The apple chopper

The chopped apples

Preparing the cheeses

Pressing the apples

Testing the sugar content

After all that hard work we treated ourselves to a glass of perry and cider in the pub before heading home to make apple crumble – yes the apple theme continued!
It was a great day, really interesting and fun. I hope that Dave will be doing more demonstrations so lots more people can see how it’s done and also get to sample proper apple juice.

The finished product - lovely fresh apple juice


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  1. What a fun day! I have Bramleys in my fridge that have been there 2 months! They’re still good…made an apple crumble also on Sunday teatime. I think that apple and blackberry jam might be on the cards as I’ve got loads of blackberries in the freezer too!!

  2. I still have apples on my tree. Thought they would stay fresher longer there. Need to pick them shortly now though as they are starting to fall off!!


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