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Festival of Light 2011

Well despite the cancellation of the main Festival of Light show tonight we spent a very enjoyable five hours in Huddersfield eating, drinking, listening to live music, visiting the art market and watching street performances. Yes, it was disappointing that the main show couldn’t go ahead but it was great to see so much going off around the town, there was a real buzz eveywhere you went. My friends from further afield (Leeds and Barnsley) had a fantastic night and we will be back again tomorrow for the main show and then the carols and fireworks on Sunday.

Here are a few photos of what we saw and did tonight.

Tulips in the Piazza

St. Peter's Light Garden

A real wonka bar

A gull

Enjoying Bradley's burger and proper chips and Yummy Yorkshire's salted caramel and Christmas cake ice-cream

The lobster

Look North filming

Crosscut Saw playing on King Street

Artist on the wall of the library/art gallery

New Orleans style band

Dancing to Ice Ice Baby

Gossiping over the wall

Stilt walkers in Byram Arcade

A snowman!

Hope you manage to get there over the next couple of days. There’s lots going off!


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  1. Looks like you had a great time, wish I had gone but I forgot all about it! Thank you for sharing – see you on Thursday?? Rachel x


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