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24 Days of Baking

Advent is the time of waiting and prepartion for Christmas so this year instead of  counting down the days with my usual chocolate filled calendar I thought I’d attempt a 24 days of baking challenge. Each day I’ll be baking something different and will attempt to make them festive in some way.

Here’s the countdown so far:

Day 1: 24 sultana scones

Day 2: Angel cupcakes

Day 3: Speculoos biscuits

Day 4: Festive madeleines

Day 5: Florentines

Day 6: Christmas friands

Day 7: Biscotti

Day 8: Christmas palmiers

Day 9: Christmas eclairs

Day 10: Yule log

Day 11: Ecclefechen tarts

Day 12: Chocolate orange truffles

Day 13: Chocolate fruit flapjacks

Day 14: Exploding star cake

I’ll keep updating the blog and I’ll be adding daily photos to my facebook page. If you have any festive suggestions let me know or start your own 24 days of baking!


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