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A royal feast for Three Kings Day

I normally celebrate Three Kings Day by making a Galette des Rois, a traditional France puff pastry pie filled with frangipane. It has a trinket baked in it and the person that finds it in their portion becomes king for the day. When you buy a Galette des Rois from the bakers in France they even supply a gold crown for the ‘king’ to wear. (They now also make an apple version which I think is even nicer.)

This year I decided to go a bit further and have a full blown Three Kings meal. The ‘royal’ menu was:

Kir Royale

Asparagus (the food of kings) with soft boiled eggs and hollandaise

Wild boar and wild mushroom casserole with duchesse potatoes

Galette des Rois


Enjoying a Kir Royale

Multi tasking with Galette des Rois and Duchesse potatoes

The starter

The main

The lucky portion!

Everyone seemed to enjoy celebrating the last day of Christmas and I think the royal feast will become a yearly event. Now what to do with that half bottle of fizz?!


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