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The Lent Challenge

Last year I decided to go that bit further than just giving up crisps and alcohol for Lent and I also gave up supermarkets inspired by a fellow tweeter. I actually enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot more about the local shops and markets in Kirklees.

But last week when Ash Wednesday arrived I still couldn’t decide what to give up apart from the usual salted treat (crisps are my weakness and I have no willpower when they are in the house or office!) I knew that I could just give up supermarkets again but as I’m a bit of a glutton for punishment I decided that I wanted to go further and do something even more challenging.

So by the end of the day I came up with the decision to not only give up supermarkets but to also give up all chain stores and just use independent shops. As it was a decision made in haste I’d not even had an opportunity to stock up on anything that we were running low on – this was going to be a true test.

Well it wasn’t long before my first challenge came along – my foundation ran out completely. I couldn’t even think where I could get it from – I’ve always relied on Boots or a department store. But by chance I had to go to the health food shop in Huddersfield, Dodd’s, to get some baking ingredients, and by the door I found a whole selection of cruelty free make up. They say it’s the small things in life that make you happy and I felt a great sense of relief wash over me that I’d managed not to fall at the first hurdle. And what’s more I saved quite a bit of money.

Well the challenges haven’t stopped there as my husband decided on Friday that we needed a new bed as he was sick of not getting a good night’s sleep. He annouced that he was going to visit Dreams and see what they had on offer. I didn’t know what to say as this was going to be quite a big purchase. However, it seems Dreams no longer exists in Huddersfield and after a bit of research he found an alternative local bed shop, Time 4 Sleep, in Milnsbridge that not only stock some great frames and mattresses, they are also very competitive on price. So after paying them a visit today it looks like we will be buying a new bed and mattress from a very knowledgeable independent shop and what’s more I didn’t even need to persuade him that we had to look for a non chain store.

I am sure that these are not going to be the last of the challenges but I am looking forward to visiting lots of new shops that I don’t normally ever try. Although I’m also slightly scared about what we are going to run out of next!


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  1. What a brave idea, I applaud you! I’ve never given anything up for Lent, I don’t do God or Church and as such it has never been part of tradition in our family. Also, I could never think of anything I’d miss very much, chocolate and crisps being an occasional treat, probably cake would be the hardest thing given I’m baking it every day. But supermarkets I would miss, and chain stores. Good luck!


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