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Apples, cider and calvados

My theme for this month’s afternoon tea is apples so I’ve been trying out some different recipes to serve. Today I thought I’d have a go at apple scones.

I’ve made apple scones before but I wanted to try baking them with cider. I wasn’t sure whether it would work but I thought the bubbles in the cider would help with the rise but I didn’t want to substitute all the milk and I had to be careful not to make them too wet.

My solution was to use sour cream instead of milk and then use the cider to give the right consistency.

My husband then came up with the idea of making calvados cream to go with them and randomly I found a jar of apple pie jam in the cupboard.

All in all I think the experiment worked. Let’s hope next week’s afternoon guests agree.




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  1. Looks delicious… yum yum! 🙂

  2. HI when and where do you have your afternoon teas, and how can I book?

    • Hi Joy

      I run them once a month at my home. I transform my dining room into a tea room and cater for up to 10 people. The dates of my events are on the blog. I’ve not set the dates yet for 2013 but will be doing so shortly. I think there are still a couple of places available for the December one where we’ll be matching beer and cake.



  3. Looks really yummy x


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