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End of an era

It’s a sad day when you find out that your favourite shop closes.

Today as I walked past Cook and Bakeware I noticed that the redecoration sign had changed and after a quick search I found the Examiner article from last week that confirmed they had go e into liquidation.


Cook and Bakeware, or Strawberry Fair as it was previously known, has played a big part in my life since I moved to Huddersfield in 2004. We used them for our wedding list, friends and family have received their christening, birthday, wedding and Christmas gifts from there and colleagues from my last two jobs have bought my leaving gifts from there. I would often just wander in when I had a spare few minutes and I would rarely leave empty handed.


Nevertheless I’m not overly surprised that they have closed. They seemed to have lost their way a bit recently, feedback about customer service hasn’t always been positive and I think they could have promoted themselves better. I still think Huddersfield needs an independent shop like Cook and Bakeware and I hope that there are enough customers like me that would make it economically viable. Let’s hope that a solution is found soon.


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