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Does wine and cake work?

A few years ago on holiday in France I stumbled on a wonderful little cafe in the Rhone Valley, Southern France offering an array of cakes as well as champagne by the glass at 5 euros. Never ones to say no to the fizzy stuff, my friend and I both opted for a glass. The hard decision was then deciding which cake would actually work with the fizz and avoid making it an unpleasant experience. At a bit of a loss we sought the help of the owner, a very friendly and obliging Frenchman who like lots of French people had an instinctive knowledge about wine. He recommended the apple crumble style cake to complement the champagne. He was spot on.

This got me thinking about the possibility of having a tea room that served different wines by the glass that were specifically matched to specific cakes and desserts. And not just the usual dessert wines. Having taken a few wine courses run by the very knowledgeable Karen from the Wine Academy in York I had tried red wines that worked perfectly with chocolate so I knew that there must be more.

I turned, of course to google for my research! And low and behold there were articles out there pairing cake and wine. Now I’m normally a bag of crisps with a glass of wine kind of drinker and more often than not I fancy a good cup of tea when I bake so I am not really an expert in this field. But I just like the idea.

Since I am still a long way off owning my own tea shop where these pairings can be tested out as well as sounding out whether customers would actually want wine with their cake, the next best and obvious thing to do is to organise an afternoon tea and wine tasting afternoon. I’m hoping there might be a few takers! So watch this space …

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