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Food I can’t live without

I’ve been musing over the last few days which item of food I couldn’t live without and I’ve managed to get it down to two options.

My first food love is eggs. We always have eggs in the house and if I ever start to run out, I begin to panic slightly. I use a lot for my baking but I love to eat them – poached, fried, scrambled, soft boiled, omelettes. I’m not a big fan of them hard boiled but will still quite happily eat an egg salad sandwich! If I ever need comfort food, I have poached eggs on toast and if I’m too tired to cook dinner but want something tasty then I’ll make an omelette.


My second love is cheese. As a fussy eater as a child, cheese was one of the few foods that I enjoyed. And I had Edam cheese sandwiches every day for lunch for about 10 years at school. I do now eat a variety of foods but cheese is still my favourite for snacking. I prefer hard cheeses, especially the mature, vintage types but I like a lot of the softer French cheeses too. And as with eggs, we always have cheese in the fridge. I even did a cheese themed afternoon tea during British Cheese Week.


I’m not sure whether I’d want to or could live without either eggs or cheese so hopefully no-one will ever make me choose!

So what’s the food that you couldn’t live wthout?