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Huddersfield’s First Upmarket Sunday


Today was the first Upmarket Sunday in Huddersfield, a new monthly market experience for Huddersfield with food, drink, craft and antique stalls.

I popped down at lunchtime and despite the cold there were a good number of stalls including a few unexpected ones such as the fruit and veg stalls which was nice to see. A few stalls that were advertised to be there weren’t this month which was a shame but hopefully they will be there in April.

I came away with some forced rhubarb and nectarines, a couple of cheeses (vintage gouder and gruyere) from Milk Street Fine Cheeses, a soured cherry and bourbon brownie from Brownies, a slice of apple crumble cake from Aunty P’s and a pork pie from Little Yorkshire Pie Co. And I met up with some fellow foodies!

If I’d not been planning on cooking lunch I’d have definitely got a pulled pork slider from El Kantina and glass of hot mulled apple juice from Simple Sencillo – I guess I’ll have to wait until next month!

I hope that there were enough visitors to make it worth while for the stall holders. Reading tweets from people that went and from the stall holders themselves there seems to be lots of postive feedback so fingers crossed it inspires more visitors.

Looking forward to the next Upmarket on Sunday 14 April.

Food I can’t live without

I’ve been musing over the last few days which item of food I couldn’t live without and I’ve managed to get it down to two options.

My first food love is eggs. We always have eggs in the house and if I ever start to run out, I begin to panic slightly. I use a lot for my baking but I love to eat them – poached, fried, scrambled, soft boiled, omelettes. I’m not a big fan of them hard boiled but will still quite happily eat an egg salad sandwich! If I ever need comfort food, I have poached eggs on toast and if I’m too tired to cook dinner but want something tasty then I’ll make an omelette.


My second love is cheese. As a fussy eater as a child, cheese was one of the few foods that I enjoyed. And I had Edam cheese sandwiches every day for lunch for about 10 years at school. I do now eat a variety of foods but cheese is still my favourite for snacking. I prefer hard cheeses, especially the mature, vintage types but I like a lot of the softer French cheeses too. And as with eggs, we always have cheese in the fridge. I even did a cheese themed afternoon tea during British Cheese Week.


I’m not sure whether I’d want to or could live without either eggs or cheese so hopefully no-one will ever make me choose!

So what’s the food that you couldn’t live wthout?